New call for collaborators to achieve SDG 6 via Transformation to the Sanitation Economy – NEW TARGETS 2020-2025

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Business has the power and responsibility to transform sanitation systems for all by 2025.

While at the same time leveraging new sanitation systems for water security, food security, energy security, human rights and health.

The business case is clear, has been tested, and new business solutions are ready for scale.

Throughout my career I have been inspired by the shift in the role of business in bringing solutions to global challenges. I have been motivated by the quest to identify new business opportunities that address urgent social, environmental and development issues and the leadership of business in influencing systems change that improves lives.

To this end I have seen no greater opportunity than the new opportunities being identified for business in addressing the global sanitation crisis and in doing so also creating new solutions for health, water, food, energy security and human rights.

The work of the Toilet Board Coalition over the past 4 years – with our membership of leading global, local businesses and experts – has looked deep into sanitation systems to identify new opportunities for value generation and business opportunity from new sanitation systems that will transform the toilet into a delivery system for constrained resources, as well as health and hygiene.

What we have found is astounding – a $62 billion market opportunity in India alone in Sanitation Economy sectors such as sanitaryware, consumer goods, feminine hygiene, circular waste management, agriculture, manufacturing, digital technologies, space technologies, smart cities and digital health.

From 2016-2019 global business leaders including Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, VeoliaLIXILFirmenich, Tata, Camellia, Taylors have been working together with a growing network of local businesses in markets most affected by the global sanitation crisis to test new solutions that are now ready for scale.

Our inquiry into new value generating solutions from sanitation has also uncovered new ways of working in collaboration across large and small businesses, governments and the non-profit sector. These learnings can be applied more broadly across the SDGs.

This November 2019, we will open the doors to the world, inviting the global business community and governments severely affected by poorly managed sanitation, to see and experience our findings of new and scalable business solutions available today that have the opportunity to transform sanitation systems from unaffordable public costs into sustainable business opportunities.

We are seeking new partnerships and offering to support new ideas that accelerate this transformation 2020-2025.

In 2020 we will launch the Toilet Board Coalition’s next strategy which aims to mainstream the Sanitation Economy and show the shift to cost recovery, resource recovery and significant new revenue opportunities from sanitation systems by 2025.

What is the business case for this transformation?

  • Access to new streams of constrained resources such as water, renewable energy, nutrients
  • Access to new data streams with insights into human health, hygiene and behaviour
  • AND upholding human rights by ensuring access to safely managed, sustainable and resilient sanitation for all

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Find us in Stockholm for World Water Week 2019

Toilet Board Coalition sessions on 25 & 26 August:

Sunday 25 August – Veolia, the Toilet Board Coalition, World Bank, 2030 Water Resources Group and SIWI will discuss a ‘Polycentric Approach to WASH Access for All’

Sunday 25 August – SWEP (Sanitation & Water Entrepreneurship Pact) workshop ‘Entrepreneurship Driving Water Impact For All’

Monday 26 August – SanivationSanergyVeolia, Grand Challenges Canada, FHI360, Aqua for All & the Toilet Board Coalition will host a collaborative session around a ‘New Financing Approach to Catalyze the Circular Economy’


18-21 November 2019 in Pune, India

We will showcase global best practice in business solutions for sanitation, health, water, energy and food security.

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