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Multi-billion-dollar Opportunity

Multi-billion-dollar Opportunity

Position yourself as a front-runner of the multi-billion-dollar Sanitation Economy opportunity, leveraging private sector engagement for social good. 

Multidimensional Impact 02

Multidimensional Impact

By addressing SDG 6, your investment will catalyse positive change at the grassroots level, amplifying transformative effects across health, food security and beyond. 

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Recession Proof

Distinguished by its recession-proof demand, the sanitation industry boasts a resilient supply chain that meets its customers every day. 

The Sanitation Economy is a market-based approach to the sanitation system that builds on innovative business models and strategic collaborations to provide customer-centric & sustainable sanitation products and services to everyone, everywhere. 

Products and services range from toilet access to collection and transportation, digitised sanitation, and its reuse – where output products are sold back to local businesses or utilised on site. 

This approach allows businesses to thrive while serving low-income markets, driving engagement towards SDG 6 – sanitation for all by 2030.  

By 2030  the Sanitaton Economic potential is estimated at:







Estimation of the Toilet Board Coalition in USD

 Engagement Opportunities


Investor Forums are exclusive events connecting active investors with Sanitation Economy entrepreneurs. They feature innovative business models in toilet operations, waste treatment and smart sanitation technologies.

  • Investor Forums meet quarterly, virtually, for 60 minutes.
  • Hear pitches from Sanitation Economy entrepreneurs operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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We work 1:1 with investors and donors to create water and sanitation-focused financial mechanisms or funds and to connect you with a pipeline of SMEs tailored to your priorities.

These engagements are bespoke to the investor or donor.

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Servicios y Soluciones A&S
Founded in Honduras, in 2021, Servicios y Soluciones A&S provides septic tank emptying, sludge transport and treatment services. This innovation is cheaper and faster than building a new septic tank and does not take up land space.
M&S Agroindustria
Founded in Peru, in 2017, M&S Agroindustria produces BIONATIV-EM AGUAS, effective microorganisms to degrade the high organic load of wastewater. The sludge is transformed into compost for agriculture.
Founded in Peru, in 2022, Brixsan produces and markets biological cleaning and disinfection products to eliminate bad odours in family and multi-family bathrooms in human settlements and rural areas.
Founded in Ghana, in 2016, WASHKING produces, supplies and installs stand-alone toilets coupled with a biodigester. The company also offers pay-per-use services. WASHKING targets households, communal restrooms, private offices, institutions and schools.
Founded in Indonesia, in 2019, Jamban has developed a mobile application that helps people locate and access the nearest clean public toilet. Jamban also helps toilet operators and janitors to monitor and maintain toilets easily, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.
Gasia Poa
Founded in Kenya in 2010, Gasia Poa is an integrated city-wide waste logistics SME that provides safely managed pit emptying, solid waste management, as well as access to clean water to low-income communities. Gasia Poa services 225 pits annually and provides clean water to 300 people.
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