To date, the Toilet Board Coalition Accelerator has graduated 70 SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) across Asia, Africa and Latin America. They operate across the Toilet Marketplace, Circular Sanitation Marketplace and the Smart Sanitation Marketplace. Learn more about the marketplaces that make up the Sanitation Economy, here.

Absolute Water
Founded in India, in 2016, Absolute Water builds STPs, treating 6 Mn litres daily, for industries, residences and municipalities. Their earthworm-based technology is sludge-free, low-energy and chemical-free. Smita now plans to launch a mobile STP-on-wheels, bringing clean water wherever it is needed.
Aerosan offers a design build-operate public toilet management solution through a network of pay-per-use, gender and disabled inclusive hygienic and modern facilities with an integrated biodigester waste-to-value solution and an evidence-base cleanliness protocol.
AKYAS Sanitation
AKYAS is an innovator for turnkey sanitation solutions. They offers bags as portable waste treatment system, putting an entire expensive wastewater treatment plant into a single bag that is affordable, adaptable and portable.
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Altersoft Innovations
Altersoft's Intelligent Public Toilet cleans toilet and floors automatically after each use. IoT control board monitors electronic interfaces inside toilet. Current customers are government bodies.
Founded in South Africa, in 1986, Amalooloo manufactures, constructs, installs and maintains a dry toilet that separates urine and faecal matter at the source. The Faecal matter is composted. The company targets underserved communities and schools.
Anabio Technologies
Anabio Technologies has built flushable and biodegradable sanitary pads. Their mission is to scale sustainability while eliminating the various steps needed to dispose sanitary pads.
Arena Recycling
Founded in Tanzania, in 2018, Arena Recycling produces eco-friendly building materials made from recycled plastic waste for the construction of pit latrines, water tanks and septic tanks. The plastic is collected from beach cleaning. The company targets low-income communities.
Arrebol offers dry sanitation, water treatment technologies, and consulting services that benefit health, the environment and conserve water.
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ATEC offers biodigesters to farmers in Cambodia that process farm waste into biogas that can be used for clean cooking, eliminating the need for wood. ATEC also sells IoT enabled clean cookstoves to households.
Banka Bio
Banka Bio is an integrated sanitation and wastewater management solution provider. The company has over 800 employees and has worked across over 21 states of India.
Bashomi has designed the “swallowing toilet”, which uses less than 1 Litre of water per flush. The P-trap is flexible and straightens when flushed. The company targets households in water scarce areas.
Founded in India, in 2015, BasicShit builds dry toilets from plastic waste. The company installs its toilets in public areas and events, and has served over 300,000 users to date.
Be Girl Inc
Be Girl sells sustainable menstrual products to low income communities. Their products range from menstrual cup, period panty, flexipad, etc.
Bhouma Envirotech
Bhouma Envirotech deploys proven, path breaking technologies in WASH. Solutions include a Mobile Treatment Unit, NEWgenerator, smart and portable toilets.
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Bhumijo plans, builds, renovates and maintains public and community toilets. The company builds new toilets and also renovates old structures. Bhumijo also hosts events and campaigns to promote awareness about hygiene and sanitation.
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