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About the Toilet Board Coalition

We are building the Sanitation Economy – a brand new marketplace for innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. The Toilet Board Coalition and its members are bringing pioneering business solutions to address one of the world’s most pressing crises, universal access to sanitation (Sustainable Development Goal 6.2). In doing so we will un-lock a system full of natural and biological resources, as well as information about human health and behaviour, that have been virtually untapped. Our ambition is to transform sanitation systems from an unaffordable public cost to an untapped business opportunity.

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Calculating the potential of human waste

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New evidence and economics for scaling the Sanitation Economy

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Sanitation economy Accelerator

Since 2016 the Toilet Board Coalition's specialised corporate accelerator program has been supporting entrepreneurs with bespoke mentorship, partnership and the visibility to scale their sanitation economy businesses. More than toilets alone, we look for commercially viable businesses across the Sanitation Economies. Participants in the annual Accelerator programme are building a new sanitation sector for the future.

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Sanitation Economy Tenders & Challenges

Closing loops across the Sanitation Economy. The Toilet Board Coalition has expanded its reach to proactively call for catalysing innovations and new business models that fill the gaps needed to leapfrog to next generation sanitation systems.

Business from outside the sanitation sector with specific solutions that can be applied to the Sanitation Economy are invited to bid for Toilet Board Coalition and partner support and resources to fuel the transition.

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Sanitation Economy Business action

Leading companies are committing to bold action to improve access to sanitation, and in doing so are increasing the evidence base for new solutions to be delivered through the market in a transformative Sanitation Economy.

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Sanitation Economy

$62 Billion by 2021

The Sanitation Economy is a US $32 billion per year market in India today and set to double to an estimated US $ 62 billion by 2021.

Toilet Economy

$31 Billion by 2021

The total market for construction of individual & community toilets, deployment of portable toilets, maintenance, repair & cleaning is estimated to be worth $14 billion in 2017 and could more than double to $31 billion by 2021 in India.

Circular Sanitation Economy

$25 Billion by 2021

Products derived from Toilet Resources, and organic/biological waste such as water, fuel, electricity, proteins, and organic fertilisers or compost offer tremendous scope for growth. Considering both the supply side and demand side scenarios in India, the overall market for these products is estimated to be $14 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to $25 billion by 2021 in India.

Smart Sanitation Economy

$6 Billion by 2021

The Smart Sanitation market could get started with an estimated value of $4 billion in 2017 and could grow to an estimated $6 billion by 2021 considering available data comparisons to some digital healthcare and smart cities applications in India.

The new Sanitation Systems of the Future

Sanitation Economy in India

The Swachh Bharrat Mission initiative of the Government of India together with its new policies for waste management, and a tradition for support of new technologies, provides an ideal platform for the Sanitation Economy. The private sector can bring solutions, in partnership with governments and civil society, which will ensure long term sustainability and resilience.

In 2018 the Toilet Board Coalition has expanded its work programme in India in order to accelerate the Sanitation Economy which has the potential to deliver significant benefits for business and society.

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Circular Sanitation Economy

When applied to sanitation, the Circular Economy unlocks a rich cycle of biological, and renewable, resources that can be used and reused continuously. This represents a new reservoir of resources, currently being lost and often causing harm to society, which if captured could amount to 3.8 trillion litres of biological material globally each year.

New technologies and business models are emerging which present real promise for profitability at scale, replicability, faster and at lower cost than traditional sanitation systems.

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Smart Sanitation Economy

Current trends in digitisation has the potential to disrupt sanitation systems, enabling new products, business models and creating new markets.

Advances in big data trends, satellite monitoring and digital health technologies combined with the wide spread adaption of mobile and smart phone technologies brings significant potential for system efficiencies, new information and insights.

Sanitation systems uniquely contain a continuous supply of biological resource which could have important and positive impact on preventative health practices.

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Smart Sanitation City

A Smart Sanitation City expands the scope of a Smart City to include its sanitation systems. Sanitation can be included in Smart Cities’ architecture through data monitoring of public and community toilet usage, sewage treatment operations, infectious disease circulation and other health indicators.

It is the vision of the Smart Sanitation City that enhanced data collection will enable more efficient decision-making that will lead to cost savings for the city and revenue generating opportunities in partnership with the private sector.

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Sanitation Economy for Agricultural Sectors

Sanitation systems have material impact on agriculture. On the soil, on the water, and on the people who work and live on plantations. The risks of poorly managed sanitation in agricultural businesses are escalating and can no longer be ignored.

Circular sanitation systems have the potential to unlock significant economic social and environmental benefits for agricultural plantations and their local communities.

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