AKYAS Sanitation introduces its new digital application demo – “AKYAS+ Track & Trace”!

AKYAS Sanitation, a Jordan-based company and cohort member of our Accelerator programme, introduces its new digital application demo – “AKYASTrack & Trace”! 

Taking the learnings from their pilot with Oxfam Jordan in Za’atari Camp further, the company has been developing a digital application that helps toilet operators and organisations’ management when adopting AKYAS products. 

Named  AKYAS+  (AKYAS Plus), the application guides operators’ work routine and helps organisations oversee their impact KPIs as well as provides data to support resource management. The application will complement AKYAS’s sanitation products. 

Watch the application demo below.

About AKYAS Sanitation

AKYAS Sanitation is a Jordan-based innovator of sanitation solutions for communities without access to sewage systems, such as refugee camps, city slums and informal settlements. Their winning solution is a toilet system which contains a wastewater treatment system in a compostable bag. This simple and innovative toilet does not require water to displace wastes and does not need labour-intensive processing, while the sanitary powder inside it eliminates bacteria and odours. With a bag at the core of their innovation, AKYAS has a range of complementary products that make their sanitation solution attractive for users and profitable for businesses. Their innovation provides a complete and circular solution and generates an additional financial flow by tapping into resource recovery, as human waste inside the bags can be turned into fertiliser and other valuable end products.

Earlier this month, the company won the Sarphati Sanitation Challenge for their bag solution. 

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