The Toilet Board Coalition works at an ecosystem level, designing and implementing bespoke projects to drive the sector forward and help businesses, cities, and communities implement sanitation economy solutions to meet their needs. In all our projects we monitor customers served, waste treated & recycled, GHG mitigated, plastic diverted from landfill and women empowered.

We assemble Roundtables from across our membership to oversee and guide projects throughout their lifecycle. If you’re interested in learning more about how we develop projects and what we learn from them, we invite you to observe a Roundtable. We currently have Roundtables exploring:

  • Nutrient Upcycling & Agriculture
  • Smart Sanitation & Public Health
  • School Sanitation
  • and Geographical Roundtables in India, East Africa & South East Asia.

Sanitation Economy in Agriculture 

The agriculture sector is looking to the resources of the sanitation economy to contribute to soil health and productivity, shortening supply chains and providing a renewable reliable source of valuable nutrients & water.

Make way for the future of sanitation

If your company has made a pledge around sanitation, water or waste the Toilet Board Coalition can help you navigate and source solutions in the implementation of your commitment.

Innovation Labs: Women in the Sanitation Economy

The TBC works with partners to build and run Innovation Labs, targeting and cultivating market development around specific technological, business model, geographic or demographic areas of the sanitation economy.

City Sanitation Playbook and Toolkit

For municipalities looking to provide sustainable urban sanitation services, the Toilet Board Coalition has developed a City Sanitation Playbook & Toolkit to power data backed decision making.

Healthy Cities and Communities Playbook

Working with the Additional Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and local businesses to ensure access to basic sanitation services. The successes of this work are now being replicated in other locations around the world. The Ti Bus, a 2018 Accelerator graduate, has now had its model replicated in Jersey City in the USA through the project.

Want more info about roundtables?

For more information on how we manage projects through regional or thematic Roundtables, get in touch with us.

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