what we do

We run the Accelerator, a mentoring programme dedicated to growing sanitation economy business solutions that are scalable and resilient.

We develop and implement bespoke projects to help businesses, cities, and communities implement sanitation economy solutions to meet their needs.

We build and highlight the opportunities, evidence and new perspectives of the sanitation economy in media and publications.

We work with the investment and donor community to facilitate and co-create impactful investments into the sector.

What makes us different

We are business led. The Coalition advocates for private sector engagement and market based approaches at every level of decision making. We believe the sanitation economy can contribute to bottom lines while improving lives and protecting our planet.

We are impact driven. Our work originates from and comes back to outcomes on the ground – customers served, waste recycled and revenue generated.

We are open, we work with all sizes, geographies and sectors of business.

We are a Coalition, we advance together. Every project we take on involves multiple members to ensure the learnings, impact and value are optimised.


We convene Roundtables from across the Toilet Board Coalition membership and network, to advise and catalyse thematic project work and regional growth. This enables new and existing members to engage in an agile and focused manner in the work of the Coalition.

Each Roundtable is focused on the development and execution of project work. After securing Steering Committee support, a Roundtable can open its doors to existing and potential new members to join. Potential new members may observe a Roundtable before needing to join as Members.

Roundtables are launched as needed on a fixed-term basis and chaired by a Steering Committee Member who anchors and aligns the Roundtable’s activities with the TBC’s overarching mission and work. They convene on a monthly or quarterly basis and are operationally supported by the Secretariat.

Members have a choice to join Regional Roundtables or to join as a Global Associate Member and have access to multiple Roundtables.

To learn more about our current Roundtables & their projects please contact us.


If you are interested in becoming a TBC member or participating in one our projects, please use the link below to reach us.

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