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According to the 2023 WHO UNICEF Joint Monitoring Report, nearly 50% of the population of Latin America currently lacks safely-managed sanitation. Our estimates project that when these services are provided, there is a USD 19.2 BN annual market opportunity on the table. 

Join a world-class network of business leaders and experts in an exclusive environment to catalyse WASH business ecosystems and entrepreneurial support in Latin America. Build collaboration and partnership between Members and partners in a region, the Toilet Board Coalition offers Regional Roundtables in Latin America.

In 2023, the Toilet Board Coalition’s Accelerator has expanded into Latin America and was offered for the first time in spanish. This work is co-financed by IDB and IDB Lab through the Source of Innovation alliance and delivered in collaboration with Water For People.

how to engage

Roundtables meet on a quarterly basis and enable Members to connect with other business leaders in an exclusive environment to catalyse WASH business ecosystems and entrepreneurial support in a region.

NGOs, civil society and academic institutions get priority access to partnership opportunities, events throughout the year, and support the Accelerator by becoming Regional Partners to Roundtables for Latin America.

  • Roundtables meet virtually, 4 times per year for 90 minutes under the leadership of a Toilet Board Coalition Steering Committee Member. 
  • They welcome new and existing Members who want to get involved in regional activities. Participants might be subject matter experts or players in the industry keen to learn. 
  • Roundtables are business-focused and led but welcome expertise from across the Coalition Partnership, Investor & Cohort Councils to support programme development.
  • The agenda of each Roundtable is different, diving into particular topics relevant for the region and participants.

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