About Toilet Board Coalition

Established in 2015, The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) is a business-led membership organisation driving private sector engagement in SDG6.2. We facilitate large-small company partnerships, public-private collaboration and run a business accelerator for SGBs (small & growing businesses) to contribute to universal access to sustainable sanitation products & services. 

Over half the world currently does not have access to safe sanitation, meaning they have a dirty unsafe toilet or no toilet at all, their waste is left exposed and untreated, and disease can run rampant. Sanitation systems have long been considered an expensive public responsibility; however, this misconception is strongly linked to outdated technologies and approaches.

There is an army of entrepreneurs and businesses in our network challenging this age-old approach to sanitation and proving that sanitation businesses can grow and thrive while serving low-income markets through new approaches and a strategic enabling environment.

We are building the Sanitation Economy – a growing marketplace of products and services, renewable resource flows, data and information that is transforming cities, communities, and businesses and driving progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision

We envision a global marketplace – a sanitation economy – for self-sustaining and resilient sanitation systems that serve our population, strengthen our planet and generate economic returns for businesses of all sizes and geographies.

How We Work

We work with entrepreneurs, large multinational companies, government agencies, and global and local NGOs to engage the private sector and drive progress towards achieving universal access to sanitation. 

The Coalition runs a business accelerator programme to develop and promote the growth and scale of innovative business solutions that address the global sanitation crisis, transform sanitation system economics, and contribute positively to global goals on climate change, human rights, economic growth, public health, food, water, and energy security. 

Secondly, we catalyse sanitation economy ecosystems through strategic projects and thought leadership to build opportunities and environments for this marketplace to develop, offering solutions to businesses, governments and investment facilities wrestling with sanitation, climate, human rights and resource challenges. 

What our leaders say

I have been involved with TBC since its inception 5 years ago. As independent director, I immensely enjoyed the interaction with my TBC colleagues as well as other stakeholders - most especially with the entrepreneurs thanks to their creative ideas and projects. I am extremely proud that TBC, through the accelerator program, helped address the sanitation crisis which remains a big challenge for the whole world. Finally, the knowledge products which TBC published helped scope the opportunities and threats linked to sanitation. My affiliation with TBC will always be one of the most exciting experiences of my career and I wish its board and executive leadership more success going forward.
Perry Rivera
Managing Director – Ayala, COO – Manila Water TBC Independent Director 2016-2020
As the vice president of the Kimberly-Clark Foundation, I have worked closely with the Toilet Board Coalition for the past seven years, which has given me the unique opportunity to watch the organisation grow and evolve. Its unique model as a business-led coalition has enabled it to be a much-needed convener in the sanitation space, and the coalition has not only elevated the pressing challenges of the global sanitation crisis and the need for solutions, but it has created invaluable conversations around the sanitation economy and the multitude of opportunities that exist within it.
Jenny Lewis
Vice President, Kimberly-Clark Foundation Board Member, Toilet Board Coalition
The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) has been a valuable resource and industry partner for ADB for a number of years now. Through a knowledge partnership agreement between ADB and TBC, awareness about the sanitation economy was increased within both ADB and our developing member countries. TBC's strong network within the private sector and business community has also been effective in helping ADB initiatives to increase private sector partnerships. With TBC, whose strength is in providing business-led partnerships and platforms for accelerating market-based solutions, ADB hopes to bring Asia and the Pacific closer to the goal of universal access to sanitation services. We look forward to continuing close collaboration with the TBC in the future.
Neeta Pokhrel
Chief of Water Sector Group ADB


We are business led. The Coalition advocates for private sector engagement and market based approaches at every level of decision making. We believe the sanitation economy can contribute to bottom lines while improving lives and protecting our planet.

We are impact driven. Our work originates from and comes back to outcomes on the ground – customers served, waste recycled and revenue generated. 

We are open, we work with all sizes, geographies and sectors of business.

We are a Coalition, we advance together. Every project we take on involves multiple members to ensure the learnings, impact and value are optimised.

The Coalition

The Toilet Board Coalition is a business led membership organisation which welcomes members from the private sector, investment and donor community and development sector.



The Coalition is governed by committed leaders in the WASH sector. 

Steering Commitee

The Coalition is led by influencial professionals invested in leading the sector.


Established globally, we are a small team of passionate people.


Steering Commitee

The Coalition is led by influencial professionals invested in leading the sector. 

Partnership Council

NGOs, Academic Institutions, Network Partners, bringing sector expertise. 

Investment Council

DFIsDonors and Investors bringing their investment lens and evaluation of opportunities in the sector. 

Cohort Council

Our alumni of Accelerator participants, helping scale the sanitation economy with innovative business models. 

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