The Toilet Board Coalition is a business-led membership organisation which welcomes members from the private sector, investment and donor community and development sector.

In 2021 we have expanded our member model to include a greater variety of corporate membership options and evolved our mechanism for member engagement.

Our Membership Levels


There are three levels of corporate membership with differing levels of engagement: Regional Associate Members, Global Associate Members and Steering Committee Members.

Steering Committee Members 
are ready to lead the sector and the strategy and agenda of the Toilet Board Coalition. These members have first choice and review of mentorship and project opportunities and enjoy open access to any and all opportunities across the Coalition. The Steering Committee is established as a non-competitive space and so only one business per sector is possible.

Global Associate Membership 
is open to all businesses interested in learning and engaging with the Toilet Board Coalition. There is a base membership fee which provides access to the network, meetings of the Partnership Council,  mentorship opportunities as well as participation in a Roundtable. If a member is interested to participate in a project, those project fees are calculated according to the project and in addition to the membership fee.

Regional Associate Membership 
is for businesses interested or operating only in a particular region where the Coalition has established a Roundtable. Members may join all regional activities but do not have access to global meetings. If a member is interested to participate in a project, those project fees are calculated according to the project and in addition to the membership fee.


Leading development sector organisations, investors, academic institutions and entrepreneurs are also invited to join as members on an invitation only basis. If you would like to learn more about the engagement opportunities for these organisations please download the membership brochure below.

Membership Engagement

The full membership convenes twice a year to discuss mission priorities and activities. The Steering Committee, Cohort Council and Investment Council also convene on a quarterly basis.

  • Sector leading corporate entities and donors engage in the Steering Committee and drive the strategy and agenda of the organisation.
  • Accelerator Programme Alumni are invited into the Cohort Council to continue engaging in the work of the Coalition.
  • Select investors, interested in collaborating on innovative financing mechanisms for the sector are invited to join the Investment Council.
  • Global Associate Members, leading NGOs and Academic Institutions make up the Partnership Council which advises and inputs into TBC activities through Annual Member Meetings.


The membership inputs into the Coalition’s work through a Roundtable mechanism where members are able to bring experts from across their organisation to input into projects, learn from and engage with other members. Roundtables are convened to catalyse and advise thematic and regional growth and are assembled on a fixed term as needed basis.

Become a member

As a TBC member, your company will gain access to a global network of member companies, thought leaders, peers, and stakeholders.

Our Members

The Coalition is governed by influencial professionals in the WASH sector. 

NGOs, Academic Institutions, Network Partners, bringing sector expertise. 

Our alumni of Accelerator participants, helping scale the Sanitation Economy with innovative business models. 

DFIsDonors and Investors bringing in their investment lens and evaluation of opportunities in the sector. 

Steering Committee

Partnership Council

Cohort Council

Investment Council (members to be announced soon)

Become a member

If you are interested in becoming a TBC member, please reach us using the link below.

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