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The Toilet Board Coalition is a business-led membership organisation which welcomes members from the private sector, investment and donor community and development sector.

What makes us different

We are business led. The Coalition advocates for private sector engagement and market based approaches at every level. We believe the sanitation economy can contribute to bottom lines while improving lives and protecting our planet.

We are impact driven. Our work originates from and comes back to outcomes on the ground – customers served, waste recycled and revenue generated.

We are open, we work with all sizes, geographies and sectors of business.

We are a Coalition, we advance together. Every project we take on involves multiple members to ensure the learnings, impact and value are optimised.

The Coalition is governed by influencial professionals in the WASH sector. 

NGOs, Academic Institutions, Network Partners, bringing sector expertise. 

Our alumni of Accelerator participants, helping scale the Sanitation Economy with innovative business models. 

DFIsDonors and Investors bringing their investment lens and evaluation of opportunities in the sector. Membership is confidential.

steering committee

The Toilet Board Coalition is governed by a Steering Committee of sector leaders who guide the strategy and development of the organisation.
Leader, SATO, a part of LIXIL, Toilet Board Coalition Chair
Global Brand Lead for Domestos, Unilever, Toilet Board Coalition Vice-Chair
Senior Global Sustainability Manager – Health and Wellbeing
Chief Public Affairs Officer, LIXIL
Global Vice President – Home & Hygiene at Unilever
Managing Director, Aqua for All
Global Head of External Communications and Impact at Kimberly-Clark

Partnership Council

Global Associate Members, leading NGOs and Academic Institutions make up the Partnership Council which advises and inputs into Toilet Board Coalition activities through Annual Member Meetings.

Cohort Council

Accelerator Programme Alumni are invited into the Cohort Council to continue engaging in the work of the Coalition.

Investor Council

Select investors, interested in collaborating on innovative financing mechanisms for the sector are invited to join the Investment Council. Investors within the Council are confidential.

Global Partners

Global Partners collaborate with the Toilet Board Coalition through events and communications to accelerate progress on SDG6

previous leaders

With thanks to previous leaders who have steered the direction of the Toilet Board Coalition.
Vice President, Foundation at Kimberly-Clark, Toilet Board Coalition Chair 2022-2023
Global Brand Director at Unilever, Toilet Board Coalition Chair 2021-2022
Leader, SATO, a part of LIXIL, Toilet Board Coalition Chair 2019-2021
Inaugural CEO & Executive Director 2015-2020
Global Vice President, Household Cleaning Brands at Unilever, 2017-2019 TBC Chairman
Former Vice President & Managing Director Western Europe at Kimberly-Clark, 2016-2017 TBC Chairman
Global EVP at Unilever, 2015-2016 Chairman of the Toilet Board Coalition
Founding Chairman 2015, EVP Portfolio Transformation at Unilever


The Steering Committee, Partnership Council, Cohort Council and Investment Council make up the Toilet Board Coalition governance.

Members come together through quarterly Roundtables (Latin America, Africa or Asia), to advise and catalyse regional growth. Members are able to bring experts from across their organisation to input into work, learn from and engage with other members. This enables new and existing members to engage in an agile and focused manner in the work of the Coalition. 

Regional Associate Members have a choice to join a Regional Roundtable or to join as Global Associate Members to have access to multiple Roundtables.

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