WASH and ZERO waste projects

The Toilet Board Coalition has worked over the last five years with multinational corporations looking to implement sustainable sanitation services and systems within their operations and/or adjacent communities through our work on strategic projects.

If your company has made a pledge around sanitation and waste the Toilet Board Coalition can help you navigate and source solutions through the implementation of your commitment.

All our solutions are measured against any or all of the following metrics; sanitation provision, waste & water treated and recycled, C02 emissions mitigated, plastic diverted from landfill and women in empowered. Giving you the tools to clearly measure and track the benefits to your business, your community and our planet.

  • Our approach provides sanitation services and simultaneously provides a sustainable source of fuel, soil nutrients and water for operations.
  • The Toilet Board Coalition first does a feasibility study of the chosen community (be it factory, plantation etc), to understand the needs, priorities and contextual nuance of the situation.
  • We then make a recommendation on the sanitation systems that fit the context best and where possible source entrepreneurs to provide those services to the community.
  • We guide partners and entrepreneurs through an initial pilot or implementation phase to ensure the relationship and solutions are fit for purpose.
  • An off-take agreement from the private sector for the products produced from the scaling of the sanitation system often enables the entrepreneur to secure 3rd party financing for a scale up phase of the project – providing sustainable sanitation to those without and sustainable resources to the sector.

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