Agricultural Sector Projects

The TBC worked with the Ethical Tea Partnership and tea growers in India and Africa over the last three years to build the evidence and demonstrate the value of a sanitation economy approach in an agricultural setting. 

The UN FAO is now calling for agriculture to embrace the resources of the sanitation economy to contribute to soil health and productivity, shortening supply chains and providing a renewable source of valuable nutrients & water.

For growers looking to implement sustainable sanitation services and systems:

  • Our approach provides sanitation services and simultaneously provides a sustainable source of fuel, soil nutrients and water for operations.
  • The Toilet Board Coalition first does a feasibility study of the chosen community (be it factory, plantation etc), to understand the needs, priorities and contextual nuance of the situation.
  • We then make a recommendation on the sanitation systems that fit the context best and where possible source entrepreneurs to provide those services to the community.
  • We guide the partner and entrepreneur through an initial pilot or implementation phase to ensure the solutions and relationship are fit for purpose.
  • An off-take agreement from the private sector for the products produced from the scale up of the sanitation system can often enable the entrepreneur to secure 3rd party financing for the scale up phase of the project – providing sustainable sanitation to those without and sustainable resources to the sector.

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