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The Toilet Board Coalition is a global business-led coalition and platform which aims to accelerate the Sanitation Economy. The TBC’s work seeks to catalyse, support and grow business solutions to deliver smart, sustainable sanitation for all through the market. We run the Toilet Accelerator program, which supports entrepreneurs operating in low-income markets, mentored by corporate leaders and experts in achieving scale.

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The Facts



Approximately 2.3 billion people live without improved sanitation, of which almost 1 billion people continue to defecate in the open.


Sanitation remains a neglected issue with financial investments representing only 1/5 of the total water, sanitation and hygiene sector expenditure.


Diarrhoeal diseases are the second leading cause of child deaths in the world. Every year 0.85 million children die from diarrhoea. 88% of these deaths are caused by poor sanitation and unimproved water.


1 in 3 women worldwide risk shame, disease, harassment and even attack because they have nowhere safe to go to the toilet.

The Business Opportunity

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The Toilet Board Coalition works with businesses selling and servicing toilets, working in waste management and resource recovery, and digital or health applications.

The Toilet Accelerator Cohorts

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The Benefits of Smart Sanitation on a Global Level

The Chief Operating Officer of the The Toilet Board Coalition sat down with Mediaplanet to discusses the global sanitation crisis. 

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