Case Study

Waste No Waste: INORA’s Compost Buyback Programme


The Toilet Board Coalition runs the world’s leading Accelerator Programme for Sanitation Economy businesses that offer a diverse range of products and services throughout the entire sanitation value chain. Among the participants in the 2023 Cohort is the Institute of Natural Organic Agriculture (INORA), a leading biotech company in India that is committed to promoting sustainable practices in waste management and agriculture. 

This case study highlights INORA’s compost buyback programme, which showcases a circular approach to waste management. Through the programme, INORA’s partners that are trained in various composting techniques by INORA, transform household organic waste into valuable compost, which INORA buys back from them, tests for the quality of compost, enriches it with required nutrients, brands the final product and sells it in the market. With its financial sustainability, scalability, and replicability, the programme holds potential application to municipal sludge (sewage and faecal) derived compost business, driving wider adoption of sustainable waste management practices. 

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