Scaling the Sanitation Economy 2020-2025

Scaling up the sanitation economy

Companies hold the potential to transform sanitation systems from an unaffordable cost into delivery systems for renewable resources and information about human health and behaviour – critical to future business growth.

As global businesses, we are facing an unstoppable force of growing public demands for sanitation solutions by global governments, the inevitability of a rapidly increasing squeeze and competition for scarce resources, and an intolerance for inequity when it comes to human health and dignity. In our current business context, the Sanitation Economy presents new solutions in all of these areas, and the business case just got stronger.

In this report we share the work of The Toilet Board Coalition over the past four years, outlining clear economic evidence, new business models, available technologies, and investment scenarios for applying Sanitation Economy solutions. It provides insights into how companies are going beyond corporate responsibility in water, sanitation and hygiene approaches, shares actions leading businesses are taking to bring new solutions and recommends key steps businesses can take to unlock significant benefits for your company and society.

We call on fellow business leaders to join us in mobilising business leadership to scale up the Sanitation Economy 2020-2025.

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