Case Study

Sanivation- Treatment of Faecal Sludge and Fuel and Energy Production

Sanivation sells fuel made from community waste to local tea and flower gardens to use as part of their commercial operations.

Sanivation created a process in 2015 that mixed the toilet resources obtained from its container-based sanitation facilities with industrial waste from surrounding factories, such as sawdust from wood mills. The company is now also receiving faecal sludge from pit latrines and septic tanks to their faecal sludge treatment facility which operates in partnership with the local government. The sludge is heat-treated to inactivate any pathogens, and the sludge and biomass mixture is then put in a system that extrudes non-carbonized briquettes for commercial biomass boilers.

To date, Sanivation has treated 1701 T of waste; it has served 29’558 people with safely managed sanitation, and it has sold 2’218 T of fuel. Sanivation employs 51 people, and it has an offset of 5’620 T of CO2eq from fuel displacing firewood.


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