Case Study

Sanergy- Toilet Making and Nutrient and Energy Recovery for Agriculture

Sanergy hires local people to manufacture and distribute low-cost toilets for Nairobi’s slums. Local residents pay a small amount for waste collection service.

Sanergy’s model consists of four critical steps: building and distribution of high quality, low cost container-based sanitation units called Fresh Life, professional collection and removal of all sorts of organic waste (sanitation waste from the Fresh Life toilets, agricultural waste, and market/kitchen waste from restaurants, markets areas and agricultural pack houses), and its safe transportation to their large-scale recycling factory. Finally, the treatment and repurposing of the waste to agricultural inputs and energy for commercial and smallholder farms.

Since 2011, Sanergy has installed 3,145 toilets in Nairobi, which serve more than 100 000 people on a daily basis. The company safely removes 12,000 metric T of waste annually and has created over 1,000 jobs throughout its full value-chain approach.


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