Working with the investment community to facilitate and co-create impactful investments into the sanitation sector.

Investment Opportunities

The Toilet Board Coalition seeks to add unique value in the sector by connecting exciting sanitation sector business to access to capital and identifying unique investment opportunities for investors. The Toilet Board Coalition enables faster and more efficient access to sanitation sector investment opportunities via:

  • Regular review of new sanitation sector investment opportunities
  • De-risking and reduction of transaction costs via Accelerator capacity building and due diligence services
  • Co-investment opportunities between like-minded investors
  • Supporting development of innovative investment mechanisms for the sanitation economy.

Investment Council

Investors interested in developing specific investment opportunities in the sector and the development of specialized investment mechanisms leveraging the TBC’s corporate network, will be invited to join the Investment Council. Council members have the opportunity to co-develop bespoke investment mechanisms for clusters of deals focused on scale – and based on demand from large company supply chains and governments.

Invite-only membership for investors demonstrating any of the following:

  • Long term alignment with TBC vision
  • Large ticket-size investors, therefore with a strong priority to improve early investments to sanitation entrepreneurs
  • Ability to participate in a TBC sanitation investment pool


Invited investors will be asked to sign an MoU based on investment mechanism development, broader discussion on the agenda of improving financial flows to sanitation economy and investment fund/facility oriented discussion amongst participating investors.

Investor Forum


Quarterly webinar open to all investors who see commercial/transactional value in pursuing sanitation economy sector deals

Small and growing business pitches and investor feedback on  with opportunity for the TBC’s Accelerator to support needed capacity building

Transaction and co-investment opportunity discussion amongst participating investors

Interested in participating?

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