Case Study

ATEC* – Biodigester System that Produces Fertilizers and Fuel

The ATEC* biodigester is a system which converts animal, green and kitchen waste into biogas and organic fertilizer, providing clean, off-grid energy and appropriate sanitation in flood-prone areas of Cambodia. The company produces energy to cover household cooking needs and has become a supplier of 20 tonnes of organic fertilizer for crops per year. The company’s biodigester contributes to women’s empowerment as it saves them 20 hours per week collecting and using wood.

In a smallholder farm with two to three livestock, on average, a biodigester system provides up to 1,500 L of biogas daily, enough to cook three times a day, as well as 20 T of high-quality organic fertilizer for 1.5 hectare of rice and vegetables increasing farm yield by up to 32%.

In summary, as of July 2020, ATEC* has sold 1,417 biodigesters, serving approximately 7,510 beneficiaries. The company’s product has produced 13.5 billion L of renewable biogas and 698 million kg of organic nutrient fertilizer; it has reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 159,000 T and helped conserve 7,644 T of forest wood.

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