The Toilet Accelerator works with promising sanitation business models that overcome current barriers to access, use and adherence

How it works

In January 2016 we launched a corporate accelerator program to facilitate private sector engagement and mentorship to sanitation businesses and entrepreneurs serving low-income markets. The Toilet Accelerator works with promising sanitation business models that have the potential to overcome current barriers to access, use and adherence at scale. More than toilets alone, we are supporting commercially viable businesses at every point in the sanitation value chain.

We focus on commercial viability, de-risking and scale. We take a human centred design approach: test all ideas; don’t be afraid to fail; build on learnings to get to a viable solution. We insist on commercial rigor, leveraging deep understanding of consumer insights, social & environmental issues, and commercial investment analysis.

In 2016 we worked with toilet innovations, 2017 will focus on circular economy and digital business opportunities and business models.

The Toilet Accelerator works with sanitation businesses in 3 ways


Identifying promising sanitation business models with prospect for scale – and matching expert mentors from across the TBC membership to address critical business issues to ensure access to capital and partnerships for scale.


Co-innovating new solutions where critical components of the system do not exist, i.e. leveraging the innovation & R&D departments of our sophisticated TBC member companies to solve business and technology issues.


Identifying opportunities to bundle sanitation with other solutions also targeting the same users, i.e. affordable housing, water, energy, and mobile for development.

The Toilet
Accelerator Benefits

6-12 months in-kind business support & hands-on mentoring tailored to your needs and the challenges facing your business.

Access to global and local mentors: business experts from leading multinational companies - sales, marketing, supply-chain, financial planning, etc  and technical experts from leading companies and stakeholders - research & development, engineering, IT, mobile, etc

A business intelligence toolkit: consumer insights study; social & environmental audit; financial analysis

Partnership brokering & brand building through affiliation with TBC member corporate, NGO and institutional brands

Access to capital upon graduation from the Toilet Accelerator (Capital from TBC members and TBC investor network based on investment readiness) 

Membership to Toilet Accelerator Network, a global peer-to-peer network of sanitation business entrepreneurs and Alumni of the Toilet Accelerator Program

Toilet Innovators Welcome


Market Based

Commercially viable businesses, at every point in the sanitation value chain, delivering sanitation to those without access, profitably


Product offering that is aspirational for its target market and provides an improved solution to the market. AND / OR Product offering that is proven and replicable


The business is positioned to deliver sanitation at scale and is connected to the full value chain of sanitation service delivery

Emerging & Frontier Markets

Target market includes populations most at risk in Asia and Africa

Selection process

Sanitation businesses are selected each year in 2 cohorts – A Feasibility Cohort and an Accelerator Cohort


The Toilet Board Coalition reviews all applications and selects a short list of promising sanitation businesses


Applicant businesses selected for the short list are asked for an interview


Final selection of potential businesses submitted to the Toilet Board


The Toilet Board confirms businesses for a Feasibility Cohort and an Accelerator Cohort


The Feasibility Cohort businesses are supported with a 3-6 month program with Toilet Board Coalition experts to define the optimal areas for TBC & Toilet Accelerator support


The Accelerator cohort is selected from the Feasibility Cohort or directly from the application process

The Toilet Accelerator
Annual Program

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Are you an entrepreneur in
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