The Toilet Accelerator works with promising sanitation businesses for a duration of 12 months through a small business-large business mentorship programme model. Since 2016, the corporate Accelerator has supported sanitation businesses and entrepreneurs serving low-income markets to help them overcome barriers to scale in order to bridge the gap of 2.4 billion people still lacking access to sanitation. More than toilets alone, we are supporting commercially viable businesses at every point of the Sanitation Economy, including sanitation infrastructure, service providers, collection, treatment, transformation (up cycling of toilet resources - waste), digital and preventative healthcare.

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Toilet Integration (Ti) Bus India

The Ti Sanitation Centre is a one stop answer for all women looking for safe clean toilets, health and hygiene products. It is not only toilets on wheels but also a multipurpose resource for women. It comprises of western, India toilets, shower cubicles, taps with water saving technology, panic Button in case of emergencies, digital feedback system, and trained female attendant. The buses are also enhanced by Solar operated lights. This facility can be connected to the existing urban utilities and drain lines that lead to the Sewage Treatment plants.   The bus can serve as a community toilet on wheels, only for women,  a retail site (and potential e-commerce / delivery site) for women health and hygiene products, and has the ambition to be a mobile digital health centre for women.

Garv Ghana, Nigeria, India, Bhutan

GARV Toilets provide end-to-end public sanitation solutions through SMART PORTABLE TOILET CABINS,  which are made from stainless steel:

  • pre-fabricated modular enclosures units which can grouted to the ground in a civil platform and be placed adjacent to each other to form a toilet block.

  • self-sustainable in terms of energy-usage and waste-disposal.

  • equipped with Solar Panels (with Battery Packs) which further powers the LED Lights, exhaust fans and sensors inside the toilet.

  • where sewage lines are not available, the toilet cabins are equipped with Bio-Digester Tanks.

  • special models for Women “Toilets For Her” are equipped with Sanitary-Pad Vending Machines and Incinerators. Disabled-Friendly toilets are designed with international guidelines, with ramps, rails and instructions guides.

  • equipped with Smart Technologies (RFID and IoT sensors), like sensor based flushing systems which clean the toilet floor and lavatory pan, pre-and-post every usage.

Biomass Controls

Efficient biorefinery that cleanly processes high moisture biogenic resources while generating capital in the form of tipping fees, service contracts, thermal energy, electrical energy, water and biochar. The Biomass Controls sanitation innovation is the ability to add toilet resources to our bio-refinery and output products such as thermal energy and biochar. It is designed for communities of 500-10,000 people. The refinery is integrated into a transportable shipping container. It can reduce solids volume by over 90%. The thermal process output is a pathogen free product. The bio-refinery has a small footprint, can be operational in a few days, can run at temperatures from -40C to 30C, and processes 30,000 liters or one ton of material each day. The next version of our bio-refinery will produce electricity for off-grid operation.

Tiger Toilet UK & India

Our focus is on our core technology, the Tiger Toilet digester, which is a low maintenance and  very effective means of fecal waste treatment. We have ‘converted’ this technology to a product by developing a Tiger Toilet digester – a safe, effective and affordable sanitation solution for low-income families. As a way to reach a wider market, we also offer our proprietary, lightweight but durable superstructure but can connect the digester to any type of toilet building.

We have achieved high levels of user satisfaction with the Tiger Toilet – this has been mainly due to the top two benefits – (1) lack of smells and (2) digestion of fecal sludge.

Our vision is for a “digester in a box” where the components for the digester are made from lightweight materials, pre-assembled as far as feasible and able to readily shipped and quickly installed. Much progress has been made in this area with the first prototype design has been molded.

Blue Water Company Mumbai, India

80% of India’s sewage flows into the environment, untreated—the leading cause of water pollution and health problems including mosquito breeding, drinking water contamination etc. Further, water shortage of 15-60% now affects 25 of India’s 32 largest cities and is quickly becoming a major crisis that is already leading to violence and discrimination. Lastly, over 500,000 people die in India, mostly children, from water borne diseases caused by water pollution.

BWC’s goals are to: 
1. Treat and re-use wastewater, thereby increasing effective water supply.
2. Prevent release of untreated sewage into the environment to impact health and pollution.
3. Beautify Indian cities by having clean water bodies that also provide recreational opportunities.
4. Generate and sell other valuable by-products including organic compost and biogas.

Our vision is to have clean, beautiful water bodies that improve the health, quality of life and recreational opportunities for urban Indians.


Clean Team Ghana
Svadha India
Sanergy Kenya
Biocycle Durban, South Africa
Sanivation Kenya
Samagra India


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