Using Space technology to help recover from Covid: Invitation to tender from ESA

The Covid19 crisis has reinforced the fact that surveillance and data management are crucial in preventing and managing disease. Smart Sanitation is indeed promising but there are still gaps in collecting, analysing and managing data, and more innovation is needed to build further resilience.

Through our collaboration, the ESA and TBC seek to explore how space technology can support sanitation to help recover from Covid, by leveraging space technologies (satellite communications, earth observation, etc..) to support or develop new business models.

ESA has just launched an Invitation to Tender “Path to post-COVID Recovery”,  with the objective to offer support and funding to companies to assess the technical feasibility and economic viability of  space-enabled sustainable services which can contribute to the #postCOVIDrecovery in vertical sectors such as transport, energy, healthcare, education, tourism and agriculture, using satellite data and technologies.

We expect the outcome of the study to highlight how space can contribute to recovery post Covid, suggest investment opportunities and define roadmaps towards piloting new solutions.

Applications are open until 10 September 2020.

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