Toilet Board Coalition Welcomes New Faces and Thanks Outgoing Leaders

Our Members fuel our  existence and play an integral role in the Toilet Board Coalition’s impact. One of the engagement opportunities is joining the Steering Committee, which provides an opportunity for progressive leaders to shape the trajectory of the Sanitation Economy. We are excited to announce incoming leaders and thank our outgoing representatives and friends of the Steering Committee.

“We are powered by sector leaders as we accelerate business solutions to the sanitation crisis. A massive thanks goes to our past leaders who have steered the Toilet Board Coalition’s impact to date, and it’s an absolute privilege to welcome our new leaders to guide the way to accelerating 1,000 businesses by 2030.”

Greg Davies, Toilet Board Coalition CEO

We are excited to announce that the Toilet Board Coalition’s Chair position rotates back to LIXIL,  with Erin MCusker, Senior Vice President, Leader at SATO and LIXIL Public Partners representing for the second time. 

“The private sector, big and small, plays a vital role in solving the sanitation crisis and accelerating the sanitation economy. As a founding Member of the Toilet Board Coalition, we believe multinational corporations like LIXIL can offer global reach and diverse expertise, while entrepreneurs bring the ideas that meet local needs to create the next generation of resilient sanitation products and services. I’m thrilled to be stepping into the Chair role once again to work closely with partners like Kimberly-Clark and Unilever to accelerate 1,000 businesses by 2030, serving the unmet needs of billions of people around the world who still lack access to safe sanitation.”

Erin McCusker, Senior Vice President, Leader at SATO and LIXIL Public Partners, and Toilet Board Coalition Chair

Jenny Lewis

The Toilet Board Coalition would like to thank our outgoing Chair, Jenny Lewis, Vice President of Kimberly-Clark Foundation, for her infectious energy and inspirational leadership. Jenny has been a part of the Coalition since its founding in 2015. She has dedicated 8 years to the Steering Committee, leveraging the power of Kimberly-Clark employees around the globe to mentor with the Accelerator and champion the expansion of the programme into Latin America. 

David Kellis

We’re thrilled to welcome incoming leader from Kimberly-Clark, David Kellis, Global Head of External Communications and Impact as our new Steering Committee representative. David will continue fueling the expansion of the Accelerator in Latin America, accelerating more entrepreneurs in the sanitation space, as well as help guide the global strategy and development of the Toilet Board Coalition.

Pascale Guiffant

The Toilet Board Coalition would also like to thank outgoing Independent Director Pascale Guiffant for her expertise and engagement across the last six years. Pascale’s vision and deep understanding of the sanitation economy has inspired and guided important conversations and work at the Coalition during her tenure. 

The Toilet Board Coalition and its work is made possible by the generous support of its Membership. Collaborate with purpose, and join us as we accelerate 1,000 businesses by 2030. Explore Membership opportunities here.

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