The Toilet Board Coalition announced today that Cheryl Hicks, Chief Executive Officer, after five years at TBC, has decided to step down as CEO & Executive Officer, with immediate effect. The Steering Committee is now starting an executive search to lead the TBC in its next growth phase. Greg Davies, Director HR, Finance and Administration, will act as interim CEO, and Cheryl will act as advisor to facilitate a smooth transition.

“I am very proud of the pioneering collaborative work we have done in this first 5 years, thinking differently about the new value streams that can come out of ensuring access to safely managed sanitation. We have brought the Circular Economy and Digital Economy to sanitation, culminating in a new cost-to-value vision for a Sanitation Economy”, said Cheryl Hicks. “Building on these foundations, a global movement of influencers and practitioners are now in place to scale up the Sanitation Economy.  It is a critical moment, and there is much more to be done to realise the global transformation that will turn the global sanitation crisis around.”

Erin McCuskerTBC Chairwoman, said: Like many of our sanitation entrepreneurs, the TBC is reaching a new phase: transitioning from startup and early growth to a focus on scale. As the inaugural Executive Director and CEO, Cheryl has shepherded the TBC from a promising concept to a global influencer – we would not be where we are today without her leadership and contributions. The TBC will continue to build on the strong foundations she established and cultivated.

The TBC has tremendous potential to drive value in every sector, for every company, and for every community. Particularly as the world is now fervently aware of the need for sanitation and hygiene for households and communities, we seek to demonstrate and replicate the sanitation business models that can rapidly accelerate global progress to SDG6 in a sustainable way.  We will now look forward to adapting an inclusive, scalable organization purpose-built for supporting private sector companies, entrepreneurs, development partners, and the public sector in delivering on the promise of better sanitation and hygiene in our new global context.”

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