Introducing TBC Member Interview Series: Business Solutions for the Sanitation Economy

How is Covid19 accelerating existing trends towards our transition to the Sanitation Economy, and what are the business solutions available today that can strengthen health, hygiene and sanitation systems to build back better?

To answer these questions, we have launched the TBC Member Interview Series: Business Solutions for the Sanitation Economy. Throughout July & August 2020, our CEO Cheryl Hicks will interview more than 30 TBC member and partner companies, for a behind the scenes look into what new solutions the private sector is bringing to the Sanitation Economy relevant to COVID-19 and broader sustainability.

In these dialogues, we:

– Spotlight new business solutions and product innovations have emerged during the crisis,
– Learn how businesses pivoting to address increased demand and new priorities,
– Discuss new Sanitation and Hygiene trends, gaps that have emerged and what is no longer negotiable,
– Imagine the future outlook for Sanitation Economy business solutions in our new reality,
– Reflect on where new opportunities lie for the broader business community and for stakeholders to engage in the sanitation economy,
– Advocate calls to action for the private and public sectors to build back better with Sanitation Economy business solutions.

The videos are published on our Youtube Channel, and shared on Twitter and LinkedIn. Subscribe to our channels to stay updated.

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