Biomass Controls LCC & Kimberly Clark Corporation Press Release

Biomass Controls LCC & Kimberly Clark Corporation Press Release
19 November 2018

As an extension of collaboration initiated through the Toilet Board Coalition, Biomass Controls LLC and Kimberly-Clark Corporation are pleased to open a new partnership to advance sanitation innovations and improve menstrual hygiene waste management in developing countries. Kimberly-Clark has made a significant donation of sanitary pads in the United States and in India to advance Biomass Controls current research and development to innovate new safe thermal treatment solutions for menstrual waste products. Together, this research hopes to identity opportunities that can reduce the impact of this form of sanitary waste, and advance environmental stewardship in this area.

This initiative furthers the Toilet Board Coalition’s sanitation programming by integrating menstrual hygiene management product and disposal considerations into sanitation innovations. Quality menstrual hygiene management practices are important, and often neglected, and this project serves to further our SDG goals for sanitation access, empowerment, dignity and public health for women and girls.

“A safe, discreet and affordable hygiene disposal option is critical to addressing the sanitation crisis globally,” says Jeff Hallowell, Chief Executive Officer of Biomass Controls. “This new form of collaboration has been one of the important development coming out of our engagement with the Toilet Board Coalition.”

As we work to develop new sanitation treatment innovations, we are making women and girls a center of our work. Menstrual hygiene management is too not accounted for, but it is an essential part of the sanitation services and the value chain.

“Our partnership with Kimberly Clark Corporation will be extremely valuable to our R&D work in the USA and India to pioneer new and improvement waste management solutions.” says Myles Elledge, Executive Director of Health and Environment for Biomass Controls.

“We are excited to collaborate with Biomass Controls,” says Clay Bunyard, Technical Leader in Global Research & Engineering at Kimberly-Clark Corporation. “This program furthers our commitment to improve the well-being of people in need by increasing access to sanitation and empowering women and girls.”

PHOTO: Mill 10 & Mill 11: Duke University

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