Announcing the Toilet Board Coalition 2024 Accelerator Cohort

Brace yourselves for the lineup of the 2024 Accelerator Cohort. These entrepreneurs are innovating the way to SDG 6.2 – sanitation for all by 2030. Below, learn more about these 17 diverse businesses impacting lives across Africa, Asia and Latin America. This thorough selection process would not have been possible without the support of our corporate Members, Unilever, LIXIL and Kimberly-Clark.


“Selecting the 2024 Accelerator Cohort and closely engaging with sanitation entrepreneurs across Africa is incredibly valuable to me. We are excited to announce the 5 businesses selected in Africa, from 4 countries. I look forward to working with the SMEs this year in a joint effort to grow the Sanitation Economy in the region.”

Lindelani Xaba, Accelerator and Pipeline Manager at Toilet Board Coalition


Founded in South Africa, Arumloo sells low-flush toilets that flush using 2 Litres of water. The toilet is offered in both plastic and ceramic. The company also manufactures a grey-water treatment system and a range of other wastewater treatment systems. Arumloo is targeting households, schools and small communities. The company’s low flush toilet is currently being demonstrated in South Africa, Kenya, Burundi, Cote D’Ivoire, the UK and Canada.

Aljuli Engineering

Founded in Kenya, Aljuli Engineering constructs onsite wastewater treatment systems based on anaerobic reactors and planted gravel filters. These systems can treat household wastewater to reusable irrigation water and biogas. The company also constructs toilets connected to biodigesters. They are targeting schools, households, NGOs and hotels.


Founded in Namibia, Flushh manufactures and sells affordable waterless toilets that compost waste onsite. These toilets are made from recycled materials and use solar lights. The toilets have sensors that track waste level to inform emptying. The company is targeting underserved communities and schools.

Mobile Alert Toilets

Founded in Kenya, Mobile Alert Toilets provides efficient pit emptying services that is informed by level sensors that have been mounted on the toilet pits. MAT also provides a biogas system that produces biogas from faecal waste. The company is currently serving 13 schools for pit emptying and serves 1,400 students through biogas cooking.

Kodu Technology

Founded in Ghana, Kodu Technology manufactures and sells affordable and environmentally friendly sanitary pads made from plantain and banana fibres. The pads are biodegradable and can be safely disposed of, reducing the plastic waste that ends up in landfills or oceans. The company is targeting women in rural areas.


“I am grateful to be starting a new year with the Accelerator in Asia. This year, we are supporting passionate and innovative entrepreneurs across toilets, waste treatment, menstrual health and smart technologies. I look forward to this journey with the entrepreneurs and the team!”

Aishwarya Pramod, Associate Director Accelerator & Investment at Toilet Board Coalition

Mechwat Technologies

Founded in India, Mechwat Technologies provides solutions across the sanitation supply chain, including bio-toilets, mobile toilets, biodigesters and STPs. The company has developed a 70% water-saving retrofittable Autoflush system which does not require a sensor or electric power. The company seeks to launch Autoflush in the market, partnering with government bodies and corporates.

Safepad BD

Founded in Bangladesh, Safepad BD makes anti-microbial, reusable cloth sanitary pads. Even if a user has no choice but to wash Safepad in contaminated water, its permanent anti-microbial technology kills the germs. The company has also started using recycled ocean plastic to make pads. Safepad BD sells its pads with IoT enabled machines to factories and institutions. They are also training microentrepreneurs to sell within their local communities.

Silvery Nanos

Founded in India, Silvery Nanos develops and sells “Hapito” – an antimicrobial spray that sanitizes toilets, prevents infections, makes toilets stain- and scratch-resistant, and enables easy cleaning. It can be applied once a month. It can be used on any infection spreading surfaces made of metal, cloth, plastic, glass, wood and more.


Founded in Jordan, Solvillion installs decentralised, onsite wastewater treatment systems for households. The treated water meets agriculture reuse standards. The system is low cost, fast to install and odour-free. The company has installed 63 systems, enabling safe sanitation to 40,000 people and saving over 30,000 Litres of water annually.


Founded in India, Tankerwala is a mobile app for ordering treated wastewater and freshwater on tankers. Tankerwala has a network of 1,800+ tankers and is connected to numerous sewage treatment plants. Uses include construction and irrigation. Tankerwala provides clear pricing, live-tracking, one-time password verification and quality assurance – enabling wastewater re-use and monetization in a transparent manner.

REVY Environmental Solutions

Founded in India, REVY Environmental Solutions has developed microbial consortia to help treat organic waste, wastewater as well as hard effluents like petroleum, chemicals and dyes. REVY’s solutions help improve treatment in STPs, ETPs and biodigesters, increase biogas production and reducing pollution. REVY’s software app R-EMAPP helps monitor biogas plants with a focus on microbial health.

Latin America

“I am very excited to start the second year of the Toilet Board Coalition Accelerator in Latin America, now with the participation of 6 entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are deeply committed to accelerate the Sanitation Economy. Thanks to them, our entrepreneurial ecosystem is dynamic, making this experience very enriching for our entire team, mentors, and partners.”

María Cueva, Accelerator Manager LATAM at Toilet Board Coalition – hosted by Water For People

Boomerang Plus

Founded in Honduras, Boomerang Plus produces clean and affordable energy from Biogas. High-performance bio fertiliser promotes food security, strengthens rural value chains and manages compostable solid waste. ​
Installation of biodigesters: a sanitary module that channels waste directly into a continuous-flow biodigester. ​The biodigester produces biogas used for cooking and lighting, as well as bio fertiliser for organic gardens and agricultural farms.​

Flor de Tierra

Founded in Guatemala, Flor de Tierra provides organic fertilisers, mountain microorganisms, humic acids, and animal probiotics.​ Mountain microorganisms are used to accelerate the decomposition of organic waste from any source.​ Their products accelerate the degradation of organic waste for treating plants.​ They replace conventional agricultural inputs with sustainable and eco-friendly farming.​


Founded in Guatemala, Sustenta builds and delivers dry sanitation products, wood-saving stoves, rainwater harvesting systems, and healthy housing development. ​Dry ecological toilets customers include PAHO/WHO, Techo para mi País, and the Municipality of Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa.​They undertake housing maintenance, remodelling, and green construction, ​impacting urban and rural areas.


Founded in Peru, Sanilab provides ergonomic dry toilets to combat soil sanitation and contamination problems.​
Smart toilets that transform sanitation waste into value for personal, family, and commercial purposes.​ Toilet waste is picked up and taken to a treatment plant to elaborate bio fertilisers.​
Supported by CONCYTEC, KUNAN, IDN, etc.

Tumi Robotics

Founded in Peru, Tumi Robotics focuses on safe, efficient, and sustainable water and sewage infrastructure with proprietary robotics and AI technology that generate actionable data by inspection, digitalisation, and diagnosis of water and sewage pipes.​

2M Proveedores

Founded in Peru, 2M Proveedores specialises in the import of sanitation products for various sectors.​
Provides solutions for bad odours in portable bathrooms, septic tanks, and wastewater treatment plants.​

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