Accelerator company showcase: Trashcon

What is your story? 

Leading the industry in the waste management sector, TrashCon is a circular economy innovations company that has built several proprietary models to profitably drive a circular economy, while establishing a zero-waste system that ensures no trace of waste at the end of its intervention.

TrashCon, a pioneering zero waste solution, is driven by the aim of converting any trace of waste into monetizable value. TrashCon has addressed the entire waste cycle by developing technologies that facilitate efficient waste segregation, and separate mixed waste at 99% efficiency and at the same time ensure that there is no waste remaining, by transforming waste plastics into 100% recycled value, thus establishing a self-nurturing circular economy.

While it has developed patented technologies in both, waste segregation and total plastics recycling, TrashCon runs with a self-sustaining model that is directly exposed to an estimated 300-billion-dollar green infrastructure market. TrashCon proposes to establish its zero waste systems across the country, with the aim of making India waste free, and a global sustainability leader. Through its proprietary circular economy model, TrashCon also proposes to establish green living as the new norm and drive this behavioral change towards sustainability, by generating 100% recycled plastic boards, which is a much more economical alternative as compared to the expensive plywood or steel.

What is your vision for 2021 with the TBC Accelerator?

First and foremost, TrashCon is very excited to embark on this journey of growth and acceleration with the Toilet Board Coalition, and is aiming at a minimum of increases in revenues during the FY of 2021, through the sale of its machines and output products. By August 2021, thanks to the support of TBC, Trashcon is looking forward to launch at least 50 tons of plastic per month through the sanitation economy sphere, in the form of toilets/washbasins and several infrastructure utilities, therefore avoiding the felling of a minimum of 1,000 trees and reducing deforestation.

What has been your experience through the pandemic of the last year?

The pandemic has in fact held us more responsible for the problem we set about to solve in the first place and as such accelerated efficient innovation to solve the waste menace. As a result, our technologies have been designed to cull the spread of COVID, by providing automated waste recovery and dry waste recycling plants, which keep the waste pickers from personally touching the waste and thus reducing exposure to Covid. Furthermore, TrashCon’s plants have been designed to provide dignified employment to these very waste pickers, and thus provide them with a better source of livelihood.

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