2020 Toilet Accelerator Shortlist!

We are delighted to announce our shortlisted FINALISTS
for the 2020 Toilet Accelerator Programme!

We are very pleased to acknowledge the growing interest and commitment of entrepreneurs to this exciting new sector, addressing market gaps where people are the most in need of smart, sustainable, accessible sanitation and associated services. We thank all of those that have applied, and encourage you to continue to engage with us as a Global Business Platform dedicated to Accelerating the Sanitation Economy – Please stay in touch!

The Toilet Board Coalition’s Accelerator Programme uniquely selects its finalists by matching business interest and specific expertise of the mentors with the business needs and goals of the Accelerator candidate. We seek to build partnerships between large and small businesses with the joint goal to accelerate business solutions for sanitation for all.  As these needs are continually evolving we strongly encourage businesses to re-apply.

The Selection Committee is in the process of reviewing this group of very exciting Sanitation Economy businesses in order to make our final selections for the 2020 Toilet Accelerator Programme.  Each of these businesses uniquely contributes to building a robust ecosystem of much needed business solutions.

Compost Baladi
Eram Scientific
Grassroots Energy
Liquid Gold
PadCare Labs
Pennine Energy Innovation
Pit Vidura
Plataforma Verde
Technological Plumbing Solutions

Final selection of the 2020 Toilet Accelerator will be announced on World Toilet Day – November 19, 2020 – at the Global Sanitation Economy Summit!

Criteria for the Toilet Board Coalition’s Toilet Accelerator Programme:
This programmes seeks to amplify and accelerate business model for low-income markets that operate within the Sanitation Economy – especially in the areas of toilet product & service innovation, circular economy sanitation waste management, digital applications for sanitation. Specifically, we look for:

  • Sanitation business models that are market-based: Proving the viability of profitable sanitation initiatives introduces new thinking and innovation, complementing existing programmes led by development groups and multiplying the impact.
  •  Sanitation business models that are innovative: From business models to products, demand creation to financing mechanisms, the Toilet Board Coalition accelerates businesses and initiatives that approach the business of toilets from a fresh perspective.
  • Sanitation Business models that are scalable: 2.4 billion people do not have access to a safe toilet. So that nobody gets left behind, we’re focusing on building market-based sanitation initiatives that can be taken to scale with the goal to real 1million!

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