Waste Logistics Innovation Lab FAQ


Waste Logistics Innovation Lab is a six-month programme to chart the market opportunity, financial and climate impacts of business models and technologies in the sanitation economy related to the collection and transportation of faecal sludge. 

  • To understand the current challenges facing this link in the value chain and to strengthen their businesses for growth 
  • The Lab will produce a report bringing together the lessons learned through the program, market review and call to action for investments and partnerships moving forward   
  • Specific to waste collection and transportation in sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Free of cost  
  • Opportunity for cross country lessons and best practices among participants 
  • Group mentorship and some one-on-one sessions 
  • 6 months of program support and mentorship 
  • Exposure to the Toilet Board Coalition’s global network of businesses and investors 
  • Financial & climate analytics and recommendations for your business 
  • Showcasing of your experience and model in a global call-to-action report 
  • Start-up and/or an existing company in the sanitation economy that collects or transports faecal sludge 
  • Operating in sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Interested in participating in a six-month Lab with other businesses and global experts to share experiences and strengthen your business for growth 

You can apply through TBC’s official website here. 

Six months. The Lab will run from March to August 2022. 

We’re running a non-profit programme. Therefore, we do not charge fee of any sort.  

There are 5-6 participants in the Innovation Lab.  

Companies must fulfil the following criteria:
  • Must be a registered/incorporated sanitation business/start-up working in sanitation value chain specifically in collection and transportation of faecal sludge
  • Must be operating in sub-Saharan Africa (if in priority countries: Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Kenya and Ethiopia are an advantage)


After fulfilling the above requirements, shortlisted companies will be presented to the Roundtable members for their inputs and then the final decision will be taken by the Waste Logistics team.

1.5 hours a week over 6-7 months. 

The content of the curriculum contains tools and instructions to guide the participants to develop and strengthen their value proposition & business strategy, map out networks & partnerships and ultimately develop or firm up their business plan. 


The programme will be conducted online. 

Mentors are industry experts and part of the TBC’s membership network. 

Communication: attend weekly calls with the Innovation Lab leader and monthly calls with the Roundtable Members (mentors) 

Workplan: clear actionable workplan with timelines   

Engagement/Commitment: commit to learning and sharing lessons of the business 

Strengthen business, new relationships, visibility for your business, access to TBC’s investor and partners’ network  

We are investing our time and effort but not funds. The TBC does not directly invest in any businesses. Our Waste Logistics Innovation Lad readies businesses for growth and provide introductions to our investor network.  

The Waste Logistics Innovation Lab is a six-month programme for entrepreneurs who are working in the sanitation value chain specifically on collection and transportation of faecal sludge in the sub-Saharan Africa while the Accelerator is a year-long mentorship programme for growth and scale ready sanitation businesses whose target market includes populations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  

Not at the same time but Lab graduates are welcome to apply to the Accelerator programme after completing the Lab or for a subsequent year’s program. Not vice versa 

Yes, absolutely! The curriculum of the Lab is designed to ready your business for accelerator programmes such as the TBCs. 

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