Pascale Guiffant

Founder of Vetea, Toilet Board Coalition Independent Director

Pascale is a committed and passionate professional. During her career she has developed projects in very diverse contexts, working mainly on urban services (water, sanitation and waste). Culturally, she has worked in more than 10 countries and managed international networks up to 250 people. Institutionally, she interacts and develops projects with local partners (local authorities, technical services, NGOs) and international stakeholders (donor agencies, large corporations, government departments, international NGOs).Operationally, she has a variety of skills that combine technical and scientific competencies, institutional and political understanding of the issues and strategy design combining business objectives and communication with all stakeholders. This experience has built a leadership focused on business performance and operational excellence, foresight and innovation, strong convictions for Corporate Social Responsibility and a willingness to build projects with positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

Specialties: Water and Sanitation, Solid waste, Circular Economy, Business development, Public Private Partnerships, Sustainable and Inclusive Cities, Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Base of the pyramid, Social Business, Entrepreneurship, Community Participation, Stakeholders Dialogue and Governance, Communication

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