Eric Gbenatey Nartey

Accelerator and Partnerships Manager

Eric Gbenatey Nartey has background in Environmental Sciences with specialization in sanitation management and circular economy. He has 10 years working experience in faecal sludge management and resource recovery of waste particularly in urban settings. He worked extensively on faecal sludge and other organic waste streams in urban and peri-urban areas since 2011. In 2014, as a research assistant conducted a performance assessment of newly developed Biofil toilets on a Gates Foundation funded project in Ghana.

Over the years, he has contributed to the scaling up of business models along the sanitation value chain to support the conversion of both liquid and solid wastes into compost (crop production), briquette (energy), fish production and irrigation water for crop production. In 2021, he managed the test launch operations of two plants (compost and briquette reuse business models) to win the SEED Low Carbon Award 2021.

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