Accelerator showcase: Aerosan

18th February, 2021

What is your business story? 

Aerosan's mission is to provide sustainable sanitation solutions to the world's most vulnerable populations. Aerosan Sustainable Sanitation Nepal builds and manages Public Toilet Facilities (HUBs) that are clean, modern and safe, promoting gender equality and social inclusion as well as being environmentally responsible with an in-situ waste-to-value system. Each HUB has an anaerobic digester converting waste to biogas, rainwater harvesting, greywater re-cycling, solar lighting, wi-fi, RFID gates, disability toilet & shower plus necessary ramps and openings, potable water filtration, storage, kitchen serving full meals and a shop selling sanitary supplies, potable water and snacks.. We have highly trained Dalit women operators from our strategic partner, the Sanitation Workers Co-op who implement our strict and evidence based cleaning protocol.

This resulted in Aerosan winning the United Nations Science Technology & Innovation Forum 2020.


What is your vision for 2021 with the TBC Accelerator?

Aerosan Sustainable Sanitation’s financial model is a circular economy based on a public private partnership with local municipalities who provide land and the toilet building’s outer shell. In these dense urban municipalities of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and other cities, where there is little or no waste treatment, there is a great need for modern and clean public toilets with an in-situ waste-to-energy facility in order to combat increasing health risks related to open defecation and environmental degradation. Our vision for 2021 with the TBC Accelerator is increased networking within the WASH sector, greater exposure of our model, improved potential for entering other markets – India, Africa – and possible access to funding sources.

What has been your experience through the pandemic of the last year?

Aerosan’s experience with the pandemic has been profound, with the closing of our facilities for 4 months and, once re-opened, a drop of 40 % in the number of users of our HUBs. We did pivot, via the Sanitation Workers Co-op, to manufacturing and supplying health kits, including sanitizer, soap and sanitary supplies, to Dalit shanty communities throughout Kathmandu. We have installed non-touch taps and urinals as well as air hand driers in our HUBs and supplied all of our trained operators with full PPE.