Accelerator showcase: Pikkuvihrea

18th February, 2021

In the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to the entrepreneurs who are taking part of our 2021 Accelerator programme. Today, we start with PikkuVihrea.

What’s your business story?

Pikkuvihrea is a Finnish family company specializing in dry toilets and grey water purification. Since our start in 1993 we have accomplished several hundreds of dry toilet projects worldwide: from Australia to Iceland and Mongolia to Spain. Our leading product family is the composting dry toilet: Green Toilet. It is truly ecological, works without any water or electricity and can be adapted to many use cases and toilet cultures.

What is your vision for 2021 with the TBC Accelerator?

We are really excited to be in the 2021 Toilet Booster Program. Even though we have been exporting Green Toilet actively for decades already, we see our roots still lying heavily in the domestic market. We want to take a leap in exports and open up new markets for the Green Toilet. To be able to reach this goal, the help from the TBC mentors and the whole network will be really valuable for us.

What has been your experience through the pandemic of the last year?

The pandemic in 2020 naturally set a lot of constrains for our operations as well. Building up the network by travelling and meeting people face-to-face became impossible and the importance of the web sales grew significantly almost overnight.  To resist the bad impact of the lockdown for the business, we renewed our web shop totally to better serve our customers on-line. The work with our existing dealers has been active throughout 2020, but new partners have been hard to find and onboard. Despite the limitations, we were pleased to see our turnover grow over 45% in 2020.