Pit Vidura collaborates with Lixil to offer improved pit emptying solutions in Rwanda

16th November, 2020

Pit Vidura, member of the Toilet Board Coalition 2020 Accelerator programme, is a company that develops innovative technology and provides safe and affordable services for last-mile urban households in Kigali, Rwanda.

The company identified two opportunities to increase the efficiency of their service and pass savings onto their low-income household clients. They worked in collaboration with TBC and Lixil during their time in the Accelerator Programme, on two specific aspects of this work:

1.     Extending the reach of their direct pit-to-road pumping systems;

2.     Developing an ergonomic backpack solution to carry sludge barrels from the most remote locations.

Optimising truck pumping systems
Pit Vidura septic trucks have a pumping system which can serve households up to 100-200 meters from the road. However, the system functions over flat distances and Kigali is a very hilly city. Pit Vidura is now working with Lixil’s product development team to develop an improved pumping system which can pump over distances with varying topography. Improving the ability of the pumping system to pump over hilly areas will result in reduced operation costs for the company, and savings that are passed onto more low-income households.

“We worked very closely with the Lixil team, and through regular virtual meetings were able to plan various experiments and make progress on our developments. Our improved vacuum systems will pave way in our quest to work with other under utilised local septic truck companies, by helping them upgrade their vacuum system, so that they can also serve hard-to-reach areas”, said Nicholas Kuria, General Manager at Pit Vidura.

“We went through many topics from business model to marketing plan to operational issues, and design challenges! It’s been very exciting to see the progress they make every week, and to see that we are able to make positive impact on their business.”, says Daigo Ishiyama, Chief Marketing and Technology Officer, SATO at LIXIL Corporation, SATO

Developing a backpack solution to carry sludge barrels in remote locations.
For even more remote customers where trucks cannot get anywhere near, Pit vidura has been using a different technology—portable pumps that collect waste into barrels which then need to be carried to the trucks, hundreds of meters away.

The backpack project is focused on ensuring the safety of the barrel transport—preventing spillage and ensuring an ergonomic system for the worker.


About Pit Vidura
Pit Vidura provides pit latrine emptying services in Kigali's dense low-income areas.
When pit latrines fill in urban areas, manual laborers remove the waste and simply dump or re-bury it within the same community. This practice threatens public health, is illegal, and unregulated. Pit Vidura is a solution to cleaning up fast growing cities and empowering communities with effective waste management practices.
Website: https://www.pitvidura.com/


About Lixil
LIXIL makes pioneering water and housing products that solve everyday, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.
Website: https://www.lixil.com/

About Toilet Board Coalition
Founded in 2014, the TBC is a unique business-led partnership with the ambition to address the global sanitation crisis by accelerating the Sanitation Economy. The TBC is enabling private sector engagement; connecting large and small companies; and ensuring close collaboration between private, public and non-profit sectors with the common goal to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6), universal access to sanitation. The TBC runs the Toilet Accelerator, the world’s 1st accelerator programme dedicated to sanitation entrepreneurs in low-income markets. The members of the Toilet Board Coalition believe that accelerating the Sanitation Economy will deliver significant impact to business and society.
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