The Toilet Board Coalition welcomes Cheryl Hicks as first Executive Director

The Toilet Board Coalition is delighted to announce the appointment of Cheryl Hicks as our inaugural Executive Director. Cheryl brings a wealth of invaluable experience to the Toilet Board, with over 20 years in corporate responsibility and impact investing, focusing on building partnerships and multi-stakeholder groups to drive change. She is a great addition to the TBC, with expertise that will help us to accelerate progress on our initiatives and refine the TBC model. Commenting on her appointment, Cheryl said:

“I am highly motivated to be joining this important quest for change. The issue is urgent. Ensuring access to safe, hygienic toilets – and the complete sanitation systems that enable their sustainable use - is one of our planet’s greatest challenges. We need innovation at all levels if we are to achieve SDG 6 - universal access to sanitation - by 2030. Business has an important role to play. With experts from business, investment, development, academia and public infrastructure, the TBC has created an Accelerator dedicated to amplifying our investment and support to innovative sanitation business models that have the potential to improve hundreds of millions of lives.”

Cheryl will lead the Toilet Board into its next phase, refining the way we develop, support and invest in early-stage market-based sanitation solutions so that we can add the most value and create the most impact. For more information, or if you would like to introduce yourself, you can reach Cheryl at

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