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The Sanitation Economy - Digging for Treasure

The Cambridge dictionary offers the following definitions of “embedded”-      Fixed into the surface of...

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The Sanitation Economy - Digging for Treasure

The Cambridge dictionary offers the following definitions of “embedded”-      Fixed into the surface of...

Let’s make a splash together to provide toilets for all!

Only after we began our journey as a champion for toilets did we realize just how much we did not know about the sanitation economy. We did not know that for every three people in the world, one...

Meet the Members: Charlie Beevor, Toilet Board Coalition Chair and Global Vice President of Unilever

To view Charlie's Sanitation Economy Video, click here.

Meet the Members: Portia Persely, Deputy Director Water Office, USAID

To view Portia's Sanitation Economy Video, click here.

Why a women-focused approach to sanitation matters

As the Pipeline and Accelerator Manager at the Toilet Board, I have come across many business models bringing a commercial twist to the common sanitation solutions (toilets, pits, latrines...)...

Biomass Sanitation Economy Story

“ When we found out that our two sons had asthma, as an engineer and businessman, I did what any father would and started to ask myself,  'How we can make the air cleaner?' I...

Pune Smart Sanitation Project and the Sanitation Economy

As the name suggests, this project involves using smart technologies to improve user experience and data driven decision-making in the sanitation sector. When I say sanitation sector, I am not...

USAID's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Finance (WASH-FIN) Mechanism and the Sanitation Economy

The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) focus on enabling private sector engagement; connecting large and small companies; and ensuring close collaboration between private, public and non-profit...

Meet the 2018 Toilet Accelerator Cohort: Biomass Controls

To view Jeff's Sanitation Economy Video, click here.

Meet the Members: Bérangère Magarinos Ruchat, Global Head of Sustainability Firmenich

To view Berry's Sanitation Economy and Member Video, click here.

Meet the Members: Rishi Dhingra, Vice President Global Family Care, Kimberly-Clark

To view Rishi's Sanitation Economy and Member Video, click here.

Meet the 2018 Toilet Accelerator Cohort:Toilet Integration (Ti) Bus

To view Ulka's Sanitation Economy Video, click here.

Meet the 2018 Toilet Accelerator Cohort: Tiger Toilet

To view Ajeet's Sanitation Economy Video, click here.

Our SDG 6 Includes Business Solutions: An alternative development pathway towards a Sanitation Economy

Discussions at this week’s High Level Political Forum on progress on the SDGs in New York have been expected to deliberate on what is going wrong with SDG6, which targets universal access to...

Serving the Un-served

Perhaps, due to our obsession with filling the yawning supply and demand gap, I find the products and services for the un-served are at most times, only adequate, when they could be delightful.I...

Garv - Sanitation Economy Story

I grew up and started my professional career in a family owned manufacturing business, we built and installed telecom enclosures and I started wondering why we couldn't manufacture toilets in a...

Tiger Toilets - Sanitation Economy Story

In the Tiger Toilets team we are finding that being in this year’s TBC Accelerator Cohort is already making a difference to the way we think, to what we do, and to what our business looks like....

Toilet Integration - TI Bus Sanitation Economy Story

When I was a young girl, I remember vividly our trips to the airport. It was a five or six hour drive to go from Pune, where I grew up, to Mumbai where the big airport was. No where along the route...

Reflections on Menstrual Hygiene Day

In my role as Vice President of the Kimberly-Clark Foundation, I have the pleasure of working on projects that help the world’s most vulnerable people.   Through our annual...

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